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Corporate Clients

Our goal is to provide your business with exceptional, timely, and reliable notary and apostille services, no matter where you are located in the United States. By registering your business with us, you will have access to our extensive network of licensed and certified notaries, as well as our streamlined apostille process for all your document authentication needs.

Client Registration Process:

To register your business for our notary and apostille services, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Provide Business Information

Fill out the registration form with your business's basic information, including:

  • Business Name

  • Mailing Address

  • Full Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Industry

  • Signing Requests

Step 2: Create an Account

Create a unique username and password to access our online portal, where you can manage your notary and apostille requests, track progress, and communicate with our team.

Step 3: Select Your Service Plan

Choose from our flexible service plans, designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. We offer services for businesses with as-needed service requirements, as well as businesses with ongoing notary needs.

Step 4: Add Authorized Users (Optional)

If you have multiple employees who will be using our services, you can add them as authorized users to your account. This will enable them to submit requests and access information on behalf of your business.

Step 5: Submit Registration 

Review your registration information. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to access our platform and begin using our notary and apostille services.

Register Today and Experience the Benefits of Our Nationwide Notary & Apostille Services:

Don't wait any longer to simplify your business's notary and apostille needs. Register your business today and enjoy the convenience, security, and efficiency of our nationwide notary and apostille services.

Your One-Stop Solution for Trusted Notary and Apostille Services

We're here to serve you, wherever you are, whenever you need us.

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