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Join Just Signings' Network

Just Signings, a leading service provider in the industry, partners with leading brands who require our services, and certified notaries and apostille agents across the U.S.  to fulfill requests for notary and apostille services.

By signing up with Just Signings, you'll gain access to our Agent Portal, where you can find available assignments and manage your professional profile.


To become a partner, click on "Join Our Network" and start the application process.

How partnering with Just Signings works:

Notaries and apostille agents work as Independent Contractors.

Assignments are offered on a case-by-case basis, giving you the flexibility to accept or decline assignments as they become available. Just Signings offers opportunities across the United States, and we invite you to join our growing network of professionals.


Your first step is to register for a free agent profile account.

Benefits of Partnering with Just Signings:

• Generate additional income through our extensive network.

• Gain exposure to a variety of notary and apostille assignments.

• Choose assignments that fit your schedule and preferences.

• Access our user-friendly Agent Portal to manage your profile and assignments.

• Be a part of a trusted and reliable nationwide network of notary and apostille professionals.

What Makes a Successful Notary & Apostille Agent?

We seek notary and apostille agents across the U.S. who:

• Are certified, licensed, and bonded (where required).

• Have excellent attention to detail.

• Possess strong organizational and time-management skills.

• Communicate effectively in both written and verbal formats.

• Have access to a computer, tablet, smartphone and mobile scanning devices.

• Have reliable internet access and transportation.

*Notaries will also be personally vetted prior to completing an assignment.

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